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SINALSOFT is a Computer Science Web organization founded at 2003

2002 The name at this moment was P2Bsoft, hosted as ( )
    - the word P2B came from the Web Gamming Clan, P2B Clan ( )
    - the word Soft came from Software

2003 was the year for starting building our first Search Engine, P2Bsearch hosted as

2005 whith the open market for .EU TLDs, we made the acquisition of the domain, which we used to build our new Search engine inspired us for the new name,
    - the word SINAL came from the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian...etc. word that in English and French it's spelled SIGNAL


This is an Automatic page that gives you the information of each one of our Keywords used in our Website.
You will get an different result each time you do one of the following:
  1. Chose and select a Keyword from a Combo box
  2. Click a Keyword from one of the black squares available in some of our pages
  3. Or by sending request for this page via a Query string



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